Hospital Sitters

Do you have a loved one in one of the area hospitals? If you do not want them to be left alone, then we have sitters to be there when they wake up during the night confused and scared.

Call Nanny's Care, we will provide a sitter. The sitter is there to make your loved one feel secure and comfortable.

Our sitter rates are: $ 9.00 per hour, transportation fee of $ 10.00.

Holiday rates are: $ 12.00 ( Holidays are Labor Day Weekend, Memorial Weekend, July 4th, New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve and Day, Thanksgiving Day and Valentine's Day).

If Nanny's Care sitter uses personal vehicle for client's business then a charge of .25 a mile will be charged.

As a safeguard, we conduct an in-depth interview with all candidates and conduct background checks that includes, criminal record, references and credential.

Nanny's Care requirements:

We also, take reservations through email, please use this FORM.

For more information, please email us at or call 251-986-8200.

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